We're In Hibernation

We're sorry to inform you that, as of January 2013, the Asheville Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) is not currently recruiting new members, publishing a print directory or organizing face-to-face gatherings. Present operations are limited to the existence of this website, pending the reformation of a volunteer organizing body.

Beyond Dollars and Debt, There's LETS!

The Asheville Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) was started in response to regional underemployment and recent increases in the cost of living. This network seeks to restore local economic control through the community exchange of services, resources and advice.

Unlike direct trade (where both parties must want what the other offers and exchange in roughly equal amounts), LETS members exchange services for credits (called, simply, "LETS") which can then be swapped for the services of any other member in the network. Members are able to earn LETS in ways they could never earn dollars and they can get what they need without spending hard-earned cash.

Any long-term resident can join and start trading right away. Internet access is not required to participate! See our online calendar for an exciting list of upcoming events!